Available courses

Curso de Introducción al Concepto Halal

El curso de “Desarrollo del concepto halal” está fundamentalmente dirigido a las empresas agroalimentarias que ya tengan implantado un sistema de certificación halal y deseen profundizar en el mismo.


  1. Introduction to Islam. 2. Halal wa tayyib. 3. Drivers of halal. 4. Economic sectors. 5 Halal Governance (Accreditation, Certification, Standards)

Tests and exercises - Duration: 10 On Line hours 

Course “Introduction to Marketing Halal-Certified Components and Products”.

Online Training (8 hours) for marketing, sales and exports teams

This course provides an introductory knowledge to the vectors to be considered when marketing products and services to Muslim customers. Halal-certification, packaging, branding, and cross-cultural elements are to be considered if your want to be successful in these markets.


Module 1. Muslim-majority markets.

1. a. Introduction to the Islamic Economy principles and business ethics

1. b. Muslim-majority markets in figures

1. c. Halal-certification requirements

1. d. Diversity (madhabs, cultural)

1. e. Segmentation (ethnicity, religion, income, halal-certification awareness)

Module 2. Products.

2. a. Industrial

·         Halal-certification, integration in Quality Management System

·         Halal B2B platforms

2. b. End-consumer

·         Packaging, branding, social responsibility, advertising

·         Halal B2C apps

2. c. Halal supply chain and logistics

Module 3. Case studies.

3.a.  Ingredients & Raw Materials - Traceability

3.b. Food & Beverages

3. c. Cosmetics & Natural Beauty Products